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The application forms for this years events are now up and running. Please feel free to apply. Never the less, please report any errors to us so that we can fix it if they should occur.

Notice: If you register as a non-SSMG site member, your event fee is 200SEK higher. Those of you who join the event at check in are handed the non-reg. game fee of 1100 SEK.


Tango 2014 May 29 – June 1

SSMGs 300 000m² CQB factory area is included in this years Tango along with our second 10 000m² CQB area as well.

Tango this year is approx. 33% Marine environment, 33% Woodland and 33% CQB.


We will try to open Tango this year to Sunday gamers at our CQB areas. The last remaining 12-14h will open the ground for defensive missions only at our CQB facilities. Hopefully giving some great fire fights to our hard core Tango warriors and at the same time opening up for those that are not in to Mil.Sim. Handing new coming Sunday gamers the opportunity to take part without having to go all in. As now we are trying to implement this logically to the Tango story. The game fee for CQB Sat. 18:00 – Sun. 09:00 will be around 300 SEK.

Note! Tango warriors, please don´t even consider this as an option, you are and belong to the Tango fractions.


Operation Eagle 1.0 in Karlsborg Aug 29-31

This will be a brand new type of SSMG dynamic Mil.Sim. We trust that you have never experienced anything like it before. And we are pretty certain (not a 100%), but almost that you will like it and find it challenging and exciting. The concept will be presented to you in a near future. We are working on a video presentation for you on this to make absolutely certain that you don´t miss anything. Stay tuned for the concept.


SSMG Operation Ribbons/medals

So far we have only handed out two ribbons for completed operations: The Tango Apocalypse and Tango S.O.T.

SSMG will this year manufacture ribbons for all the historical operations. We will also produce a couple of special purpose ribbons.

These are;

- Merit of good leadership

- Special Forces endurance medal

- SSMG service medal

- The five year participant medal

- EAM (Extraordinary Achievement Medal)


The criteria for all our medals that you can acquire will be stated on our website in the future.


We have some new SF fractions. They are only added to the SF form, for those of you who want go for SSMG Mil.Ex (military experience) and not airsoft Mil.Sim. We recommend all our SF fractions for this. They are a great opportunity for those who like good training, multi level missions and a challange.

If you should want to apply for any of these new fractions please contact us if you have questions.


Regarding our website; The information about the events, site info etc will be updated asap. Please bear with us.


Five year celebration

We will celebrate SSMGs fifth year 2008-2013 in 2014 at Tango. Hope you´ll be there with us.